5000 Buns
of the metaverse

Straight outta the metaverse

Once upon a time, deep in the universe, there was a planet called Bun. Its name came from its unique Bun shape. Its inhabitants, the Buns, all seem to live a peaceful life.

However, this apparent peace was about to be interrupted. The black hole adjacent to Bun engulfed all the Buns and drew them into a still unknown universe. The metaverse.

So long inaccessible, the Buns are now on the verge of joining us in our time space.

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How many Buns will be available?

5000 unique Buns will be available.

How many Buns can I mint?

You'll be able to mint as many Buns as you'd like. However, only 1 Bun will be available per transaction.

What will be the minting cost?

0,25 SOL per mint.

What about rarity?

The rarity varies a lot on each attributes. A dedicated page will be available after the mint phase.

What's the launch date?

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